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Top Fundraising Tips for International Volunteers

Traveling & volunteering internationally is a dream of many individuals, but the costs can add up. The goal of the UMMP Fun-RAISING Guide is support you to make your dream a reality by providing you with the information you need. To begin, consider the following:

Reach Out to Friends & Family!
Friends & family will be your greatest supporters! Include them in what you are doing. They too desire to help others, including helping you achieve your goals & dreams! Does a member of the family work in a large company that could sponsor you? Is there a friend who could provide a venue for a fundraising event? Thing big and outside the box.

Share Your Passion to Volunteer With Others!

A passionate desire to help people in developing nations will open people’s hearts to give. Make it personal!

Create a Brochure

Either create your own or use the UMMP Template provided to all volunteers! Explain your reasons for volunteering abroad and give some background on the project you plan to join and support.

Have a SMART Goal

Successful fundraising costs little & reaches a wide audience, but you have to set a goal. Make it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Time-bound.

Make Your Donors Feel Special!
Everyone likes a little pat on the back. Make sure your donors feel truly appreciated and included in your fundraising efforts!

Write Letters & Emails

The more people that know about your goals, the easier it will be to accomplish them. Don’t eliminate anyone as a potential donor! You will be very surprised at who is willing to support you financially.

Plan a Fun-RAISING Event

Be creative and make it fun! The possibilities are endless!

Form a Fun-RAISING Team

Allow others to be included in your fundraising efforts! Use the strengths and knowledge to build a successful fundraising team!

Plan Ahead
Don’t procrastinate until the last minute! Plan to reach your fundraising goal at the least 8 weeks before your departure!

Use Online Social Networks
These are great tools to engage others. Get online to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked In and whatever other one you have to spread the word!

And these are just a few ideas! There are thousands of ways to make your succeed in your fundraising efforts! Start exploring the options today!