Our Mission
Unexpected Moments of Magic Panama is dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide through the encouragement of self-exploration through social entrepreneurship, volunteerism, philanthropy and education as powerful forces for worldwide change. Be the change!

Program Fee Breakdown

These percentages represent a program fee breakdown for 1 month in the Panama volunteer program:

32% Lodging: Accommodation in the Starfish Volunteer House during your placement.

21% Donation: Project donation to support collaborating organizations & placements.

6% Breakfast: Included 7 days a week.

3% Transportation: Airport pickup.

4% Volunteer Resources: Project Materials (may include: games, sports equipment, arts & craft supplies, etc.) Program Guide, Fundraising Guide, Daily Journals & Program Binders.

34% Project Coordination: Includes pre & in-country administrative & logistical coordination & support during your placement.

Program Fee Payment

Your program fee needs to be paid 4 weeks before the first of the month that you begin volunteering in. Rapid placement & payment is available for those with time restraints. These are the methods that you may use to pay your program fee:

a) Wire Payment Directly To Our Bank Account
You will need to pay any additional fees charged by your bank for the wire payment. The following information will be required by your bank in order to transfer the funds:

Account number: 2475176125
Arizona account terms and conditions apply
For Direct Deposit and Automatic Payments use
Routing Number (RTN): 122105278
For Wire Transfers use
Routing Number (RTN): 121000248
Available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
1-800-CALL-WELLS (1-800-225-5935)
TTY: 1-800-877-4833
En español: 1-877-337-7454
Online: wellsfargo.com/biz
Write: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (038)
P.O. Box 2908
Phoenix, AZ 85062-2908

  Please ensure your name and program is included in the transaction so we can allocate your funds to your program.

Once you have made the wire transaction, please submit a conformation email to your UMMP Volunteer Coordinator to ensure the proper payment is being made and can be credited to your volunteer account.

b) Online Debit or Credit Card
You can use our secure online credit card system through Paypal; please note that you will need to include an extra 5% to cover Paypal fees.

Visit us online & click Make a Donation:

c) Check
It is possible to pay your program fee by bank draft or check, if you are paying at least 10 weeks before the first of the month you are volunteering. Checks or bank drafts must be in your issuing bank's currency. If your issuing bank's currency is not US dollars, please use http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html to calculate the equivalent to the US dollar amount in your currency and add an extra 5% to cover currency exchange costs. Please note we do not accept postal notes or money orders. Checks should be made out to Unexpected Moments of Magic, and posted to: Unexpected Moments of Magic 
2834 S. Extension Rd. #1050 
Mesa, AZ 85210 After submitting your program fee, please email us so we know to contact you once we have received the payment.

Cancellation Policy (*Updated October 2011)

Application Fee
The US$250 application fee, which secures your placement, is fully transferable. This allows the volunteer the flexibility to switch, transfer, or postpone your placement within a five-year period from date of payment. The application fee is non-refundable.

UMMP reserves the right to revise the application fee. All application fee revisions will be announced at least seven days in advance via the website. Please note that the application fee may not be the same as when you applied.

Program Fees

80% of the program fee is refundable until one calendar month before the 1st of the month you are due to begin your program. For example a volunteer with 15 July 2011 as their start date would need to submit their refund request form by the last day of May 2011 to be eligible for a refund. Program Fees paid directly to our partner organizations are non-refundable.

All requests for program fee refunds must be faxed, posted, or scanned as an e-mail attachment to Unexpected Moments of Magic with your signature at the bottom. Phone calls and e-mails are not acceptable. You will be notified of Unexpected Moments of Magic receiving your refund request form within two working days. Should you not be emailed in regards to your request, the assumption should be made that the request form was not received. Unexpected Moments of Magic is not responsible for email, fax or mail that is not received. Refunds are processed & issued once weekly. Once your refund has been processed you will receive confirmation of the refund being issued. Please email us for the proper form to request a program refund.

UMMP can refund no more than 10% of the total number of program fees received in any given month. For example, out of 80 program fees received the first 8 approved refund requests would be automatically refunded. Subsequent refunds are processed in the following month in order of the date they were requested.

Program fees paid through UMMP by means of bank or wire transfer will need to have the transaction costs covered by the payee. We reserve the right to revise the program fee. All program fee revisions will be announced at least seven days in advance via the website. Program fees are due 4 weeks prior to the 1st of the month volunteers are due to start. Failure to make payment by this time may result in loss of placement.