Our Mission
Unexpected Moments of Magic Panama is dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide through the encouragement of self-exploration through social entrepreneurship, volunteerism, philanthropy and education as powerful forces for worldwide change. Be the change!

Project Donations

As a volunteer you are volunteering to give your time and skills and are under no obligation to bring resource donations. However if you decide giving resource donations is something you would like to do then this section contains information you need to know.

In general, some projects have extremely limited budgets and cannot provide the materials you may like to use in your volunteer work. If you wish to have a particular resource to use during your work you may like to consider supplying it. Supplying items will give you an excellent starting point to begin work and it is another way of making a contribution to the people you are working with.

Some Things to Consider
The quantities of items you bring is important. Bring quantities which will facilitate practical use. For instance, in the teaching or children's program you may like to bring quantities to make a 'class set'.

Getting Donations to Panama
If you fundraise for items, one way of getting them to Panama is in your airplane luggage. Try applying to your airline for additional luggage space. Some airlines will give additional luggage space free of charge to volunteers who are carrying donations. If a letter is required by your airline to verify your volunteer status just ask your UMMP Volunteer Coordinator. If you choose this option be sure your airline has an alliance with all connecting airlines or you have been granted additional baggage space by each airline. If you do not you risk being charged for your additional baggage when you check it mid-way through your journey.

If taking donations in your luggage is not an option then you may like to consider sending a package ahead of you to Panama using UMMP’s postal address - don't forget to include your name and volunteer dates in the address. See above for details. (Please note this option can get to be quite expensive).

Don't forget that purchasing items in Panama is also an option and may be more cost effective. Many items can be found in Panama and are often cheaper in price than in your home country.

Giving Donations
When giving items at your project make sure you are aware of how it is done. Some projects will require donations to be given to management so they can label items. Other projects will have no procedure and will be happy for donations to be given out as you see fit.

Suggested Project Donations
We have put together a list of suggested donations based on advice from previous volunteers. Items have been categorized into program options although you will find many of the items listed below can be used across all the programs. For instance, teaching materials may also be useful in the children's program for helping kids with their homework. To view this list, please see the Donate page above.