Our Mission
Unexpected Moments of Magic Panama is dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide through the encouragement of self-exploration through social entrepreneurship, volunteerism, philanthropy and education as powerful forces for worldwide change. Be the change!


Why Pay to Volunteer?
Actually, you are not paying to volunteer. You are covering your own expenses to volunteer and the expenses it takes to make it possible. By participating in the UMMP Volunteer Program, you are also impacting local organizations by providing additional resources for them, both in-kind & financial, tangible & intangible. It is a win-win for everyone involved!

Volunteer Fees
Volunteers pay a program fee which includes access to all of our Volunteer Services. These services empower you to have a successful volunteer experience both for the community you are serving & for yourself. The volunteer fee covers: accommodation in the Starfish Volunteer House, daily breakfast, access to all the Volunteer Resources, a Spanish Crash Course, airport pickup, 24hr Emergency Line access, and a personalized Orientation Session. Included in the fee is also a donation to the UMMP Empowerment Fund that is used to support the local partner organizations.

Here’s How it Works!

#1 Submit your Online Volunteer Application.

#2 Secure your volunteer placement today by paying your $250 Application Fee.
Your application fee is fully transferable and will secure your place in the Panama program at a placement date that is suitable to you. Your application fee provides you with lifetime access to any of UMMP volunteer programs, as many times as you like without having to pay another application fee! *Children under 18 are not required to pay the application fee when volunteering together with a parent/guardian. 

#2 Start Fundraising Tomorrow!
Fundraising is a key aspect of every volunteer experience and we are here to empower you to take your fundraising to the next level! Whether you are staying for a week or a month, we can support you to get the donations you seek to serve the community of Boquete! Fundraising is an important aspect of being a volunteer & enriches the overall volunteer experience. When people support your desire to dedicate your time to volunteering, not only does it make you feel good to be supported, but it also makes your donors feel good to support you. You united with your donors = community impact! *The fundraising aspect of the program is optional and volunteers can choose to pay the volunteer fees directly. Volunteers paying their own fees are still promoted to seek out in-kind & financial donations for local organizations.

#3 Get ready for a volunteer adventure that will change your life!
Whether you have traveled all over the world, or this is your first time out of your home country, being in Panama & serving others will shift you to become more of the change you wish to see in the world, for yourself & others! Side effects may include: a heightened sense of gratitude, discovering a new found passion, a better understanding of the word happiness, and a new direction for your life path.

UMMP is proud to offer the volunteer experience at a cheap cost as we believe this experience can change your life & the lives of the people you serve. What you can gain & give is priceless!

Program Fees Per Week of Stay:
*not including the application fee

1 week $550
2 weeks $490
3 weeks $430
4 weeks $380
5 weeks $340
6 weeks $300 
7 weeks $260
8 weeks $230
9 weeks $200 
10 weeks $200
11 weeks $200
12 weeks $200

*Program fees are due 4 weeks prior to the 1st of the month you wish to volunteer. So, if you are scheduled to start the first or the third week of February, your program fees would be due January 1st.

We are here to create a moment of magic for you and in return by you being here, you create many moments of magic for others. We rely on your donations to keep our projects up and running. If we do not have volunteers, we do not have people to work and we do not have the money to keep them going. Make your impact today and be the change you wish to see in the world! Volunteering changes the lives of everyone involved!

Click here to view the Program Fee Breakdown.

The Beauty of Our Design.
UMMP is a Social Enterprise. Social enterprises are socially mission driven organizations that trade in goods or services for a social purpose. Social Enterprises adopt the best practices from across industries from the nonprofit, private & public sectors. Social Enterprise is about sharing ideas to create a better world. Social enterprise offers not only economic resources, but also the strategic and management expertise to ensure that change is long-lasting and large-scale. The social enterprise wave that is taking place around the globe is helping millions; UMMP has joined this wave!

With the talents, time & generous financial donations of thousands of volunteers we continue to grow and impact the community of Boquete and the lives of the volunteers! Through our volunteer donations so far we have been able to accomplish the following:

  • Served hundreds of teens at The Starfish Teen Center. The Starfish Teen Center is a haven for young people, providing safe, social & supportive services. Starfish teens experience achievement through positive educational activities facilitated by trained professionals & volunteers from all walks of life
  • Supplied over 1,500 books to support local literacy programs
  • Created Free English 4 Opportunities Classes to strengthen job opportunities for locals
  • Trained over 345 women through The GEM Project Jewelry-Making Art Therapy
  • Formed over 15 collaborations with local organizations to support them with additional helping hands with our dedicated volunteers
  • Created long-term housing options through our Housesitting for Volunteers Program
  • Designed a Skate Park in collaboration with the Boquete Mayors Office
  • Started a Weekly Charity Quiz to increase funding for local organizations
  • Empowered the local recycling center to better fulfill their mission by increasing supported schools with the educational programs & volunteer assistance
  • Created & hosted the First Annual Earth Day event for the community
  • Launched a Community Clean Up Campaign & have filled up over 254 bags of garbage in the community & 75 bags of recyclables
  • Purchased hundreds of gifts & hosted several Christmas Parties for underprivileged children
  • Provided consistent volunteer staff to a local orphanage in great need
  • Sponsored over 320 children to participate in Summer Camps
  • Created a Teen Scholarship Program

Without all the past UMMP volunteers, none of this would have been possible! Thanks to each and everyone of you. You have make an impact in Panama! Join us to make your impact today!

Click here for additional information on volunteer costs.